Types of online casino bonuses

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Types of online casino bonuses

If there is something that distinguishes online casinos from physical casinos, it is not only their virtuality or their range of games, but their attractive bonuses. Online casino bonuses are one of the most relevant factors in today's industry.


Knowing them, joining casinos that offer good bonuses and knowing how to use them is very important. So read on to learn all about these online casino gifts.


Tipos de bonos de casino en línea


What are bonuses in online casinos?

Bonuses are a benefit that casinos offer to players, in the form of real money, spins, returns and other forms. They fulfill the mission of helping the user to keep playing and attracting new players.

They serve as a marketing strategy for the casino and as an aid to the player to obtain profits. Typically, casinos stand out in their welcome bonus for new players, but there are always promotions for regular players.

There are many types of bonuses, but below we will review the main ones.

Return bonuses

We will start with this type, which seems very important to us because it can be essential in moments where the player has a losing streak. For those moments, refund bonuses come in very handy.

What are they

Also known as cashback or reimbursement, they are a type of bonus that consists of returning to the player a percentage of what they have lost by betting. Obviously, the casino can return you relatively small amounts, usually around 20%.

That is, if you bet $100 and lose it with a return bonus, you will receive back about $20.

How to get them

There may be different conditions in each casino, but basically you have to have deposited, bet and lost money. Then, it will depend on whether the casino offers it and what conditions it sets.

Sometimes the site simply gives you an automatic refund. In others, it is necessary to claim the bonus through technical support.


Logically, the main benefit is that you will lose less than you thought. You will have the possibility to recover some of your capital, be able to bet again with it, relive the opportunity to win and continue enjoying the game.

Deposit Bonuses

They are the main ones or at least the most common. Normally, it is the type of bonus that is offered in the welcome package and can be very useful for the player.

What are they

Deposit bonuses are a prize or benefit that is obtained immediately after making a deposit and under conditions related to it. Normally, they add an extra amount of money that represents a part (50% or 60% for example) or 100% of what was deposited.

That is, if the deposit bonus is 50% and you deposit $100, the casino will credit your account a total of $150.

How to get them

As the name suggests, they are obtained when depositing. As we said, the most common thing is that you can get it with your first deposits (in the welcome package).

However, it is also normal that as an active player you can constantly find deposit bonuses. You will only have to deposit and meet the requirements to activate and use them.


Among the main advantages of this type of bonus we can highlight the following:

  • Being able to increase or even double or triple the deposited capital. 
  • Greater capacity to place bets. 
  • Possibility of increasing profits.

Free spins

Free spins, free spins or free spins are one of the players' favorite types of bonuses. Let's see what they are about.

What are they

They are a type of bonus that grants the player a certain (and limited) number of free spins to use on slots. They give the player a great opportunity to try to win money on the slots without spending their funds.

They commonly come in packages of 20, 30, 50 or even 100 bonus spins and are usually intended for some specific slots.

How to get them

There are several ways in which you can get free spins, in fact, they are one of the bonuses that are easily found. Many times they can be an extra gift from the welcome deposit bonuses. Other times, the entire welcome package may consist of free spins only.

They can be included in other regular promotions or in special bonuses for certain days of the week. You can even get them simply by playing some slot machines, matching combinations of symbols.


Of course, free spins bring with them several benefits and again, we highlight the most fundamental ones:

  • Possibility of winning real money on slot machines. 
  • Ability to bet without having invested your money to do so. 
  • Being able to try specific games for free and gain experience in them.

No deposit bonuses

We finish this list of types of bonuses with one of the users' favorites, but also one of the most difficult to find. It can be strange to receive a no deposit bonus and this surprises more than one. Let's understand well what they are and how to get them.

What does it consist on

No deposit bonuses are just the opposite of deposit bonuses. In this case, you receive a bonus without the need to have made a deposit before. By simply registering or meeting another stated condition, such as claiming the bonus, you will receive the benefit.

Practically, you receive money gifted to bet without having used your funds. However, obviously this type of bonus has its requirements and conditions, so you can't just take the money and run. However, it is still an excellent bonus.

How to get them

Well, basically all you have to do is locate a casino that offers it and register on the site. Normally this is the welcome bonus, that is, you receive it right after registering. Maybe in some places you have to claim it, but you should never deposit.


The main benefits are:

  • You don't have to deposit, that is, you don't have to spend your money. 
  • You can win real money. 
  • Opportunity to try games. 
  • No risk of loss. 
  • You learn more about the casino.


Bonuses are a benefit for both casinos and players. They serve as marketing for the site, maintaining and retaining users, while they benefit and try to make the most of them.

There are many types and each one brings with it a variety of amazing benefits. Although of course, you must meet the requirements and conditions to collect the profits. Now that you have all this information, go, get bonuses at online casinos and make the most of them.